Connit, Margaret. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Margaret Connit to Amy Kirby Post, January 16, 1866.


January 16, 1866

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[Text in left side of top margin, written downward]
My kind
regard to
Mr Post

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                                              Dunkirk Jan 16'' 1806

My dear Mrs Amy Post
                                          With pleasure I write you, one reason
is, you asked me to do so, so kindly [illegible] and the other is because
you have been so good to me, during long years of great and
severe trials       Thinking you would be glad to hear from me and
know of my doings and journeyings in external and internal
life,    I am working every day, since came ^I^ from Rochester in Oct last
washing ironing   mending and makeing [sic] clothes for the children
and their father      I make butter and bread  clean and scrub
and   am just as buisy [sic] all of the time   I enjoy myself
well   am quite happy because I think I am doing a
good work and fullfiling [sic] my destiny   and duty and I believe
my ability is equal to the performance of my duty
I am striveing [sic] to Emulate a divine life;   feeding my
Spirit on spiritual food being Just Mercifull [sic] and Charitable
good and kind, and above all being truthfull [sic], endeavering [sic] ^to^ live up
to my highest knowledge            Dear Mrs Post I see in the
Banner that the Liberator is ceased frome [sic] its labours becaus [sic] it has
consumated [sic] its work,   glorious Mission.  Dear Garrison; how
faithfull [sic] he has been 35 years constant labour watchings and
untireing [sic] vigilence [sic]    what a spirit of true philanthropy he has
ixibited [sic] with all those that he has gatherd [sic] around him and
yet he is not willing to lay his armour by and has gone to
across the briny deep  becaus [sic] he loves humanity       I see allso [sic]
by the Banner that A L. Foss has joined the spiritual ranks As

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lecturer        The good cause is progressing on the wings of the morning
New ones are comeing [sic] in daily, while old and tried loveing [sic] ones
cossing [sic] over to the summer land.     this present mode of life
is waneing [sic] but the spirit life growing and unfolding in harmony
wth the laws of its Eternal Being         So I hope,         I wished to
ask you if you would send me the 2 last copys [sic] of the Liberator
and if you wish I will perserve [sic] them for you and send them ^back &^ if
^I^ dont come that way soon, the standard also would be a great
satisfaction       or any others pamphlets    or late reading mater [sic]
of any kind that thee can spare             Now in regard to that
corner stand   Mary Jane was unwilling atlast [sic] ^I should have it^ I most certainly
did understand that I should have it  or I should not
have sold it to you       the shovel I brought away was it was
packed up and it was so much trouble to find it  I can send it
to you it is quite probily [sic]   or the 25 cents       I want to have things all
right soon as I can     I feel Mary Jane was hard with me to be sure
I stayed in her house and she waited on me when I was
sick but was able to wait on myself all of the time ecept [sic]
perhaps 6 days   and helpt [sic] her when I could and you know I do
not make much work or trouble when I am ay where
I was not there all of the time I went to Dansville    and I bought my
own bread and butter and and [sic] gave her all so, one peck of potatoes
nearly and she had a good many little thing which I cannot
mention now some ribons to [sic]    and yet she was so selfish
because I did not give her all she was angry and brought up
every thing ever said that I would not pay her  Now I think I
paid her quite ^well^ considering my means and the accomidations [sic] I
received she was poor and I was poor when her father and Mother
and yourself and Mr Post and your brother Joseph and Mary visited her I

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gave her 10 Cents to buy read with         and paid her 6 dollars beside
of the rest she had and I think she ought to let you have that
stand unless you choose to let her have it      but I I [sic] am not
in a condition to pay you money just now       All is for the
best,     God or good is very [sic] where, and if we trust in that good and
Justice we shall come [&?] conquor [sic] through truth which we have loved
          Cory L. V Scot Daliels [sic] now I see by the Banner,      has gone to Boston
and is going south soon      So you Rochester will not hear her this
winter            I felt most sure [yowld?] not have her there as you
expected     Lyman C. How was rejected theres, on the account of his
wife wearing the reform dress     So I for one think that Rochester
aught [sic] to wait till it can receive So able a lecturer as Lyman C, How
   There are the Richmonds this winter how do the Rochester folks get A
long, do you have circles at your house.      please write me all the news
or some at least    I shall be so glad to have a letter from thee
             I suppose there is Atthenium [sic] lectures once A week   who are
the speakers                      Mr Fred Duglass [sic] is in Washington a candidate
to represent his people,   I saw in the Tribune        His people are haveing [sic]
hard times being so much abused in every ^case^ Men and Woman
      But God is just and His justice cannot allways [sic] tarry This gover-
-ernment [sic] must to justice or we shall all be punised [sic] yet more
severrly [sic]     Pain thinking there is yet to be  A great battle fought
Old time honered creeds,    Theological Myths dogma are crumbling
and must yield to a more congenial and Natural religion  what a
glorious gospel and faith is spiritualism            how I [illegible] I love its truth

  Direct to Dunkirk Cha^u^tauaqua [sic] Co N, Y
Do you hear any thing of Mr King                   write my name               Margaret _
Do you hear any thing form [sic] my Fannie        to my Post office adress [sic] Connit
                                           good by [sic], in love from Margaret Connit

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