Spirit Writing. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Spirit Writing to Amy Kirby Post, January 9, 1866.


January 9, 1866

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                  Rochester Jany 9th 1866

  Dear Amy
                    Instead of getting thee yesterday
I recivd [sic] a letter, that to be sure was better
than nothing but I must say I thought it
long coming. Thee asks about the Standard
it is four dollars that I wish to pay
Susan, Friend Richmond came seventh
day evening as also her Mary May Johnson
is still with us and do not know but is [like?]
to remain  I do not know the length of Richmonds
visit visit [sic] but suppose Mary will not
have much done for her while he is here
she Mary hangs around him I presume
quite as much as he desires he appears
like a man of mind but does not put
on ayers [sic] ---  Last evening P Pilsbury
gave his last lecture to a pretty good
sised [sic] audience. he handed out of his
butget [sic] of all kinds from the most pathetic
to the most denunciatory sometimes he was
amongst the stars with an eloquence sel-
dom equaled then he equaled Cheever
in [saluting?] God [Curses?] from his Word
untill [sic] at one time he came to a full
stop. saying there is no word to express
it. silence is better. I think he some-

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times read from his popular Lecture which
was very eloquent then preached what I
call real christianity &c I cannot say I
think extremes as he indulged in is the best
way  Mrs Cutter has been to our house as also
Mrs Jones I understand Susans Money is [illegible]
Parker & Aren Powel have gone to hold a con-
vention and of course Susan Antony [sic] Aren
Powel is to Lecture in Corinthian Hall next
first day evening   yesterday we attended the
the [sic] funeral of Arthur [Banks?] youngest child
and [Armstrongs?] second child is a corps [sic] the youngest
died while I was away [this?] is [three?] all I suppose the [sic] recollects
Jacobs [sic] nearest neighbour I find Parker has not yet
gone Jacob & self had as [boring?] a day last
seventh day as I recollect and now we have
been quite [stiring?] I shall not try to find
much more to say as my time is so divided
it is very mild weather yet [sleds?]till [sic] move
Lucy Colman is at home she doesnt look
very spirited I suppose she is not quite well
   Have been so often called away I will
not try to write more Love to all
                                     Thy Isaac

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  dear friends Amy Post and Leah I am come to give you
communication on the subject of so much importa
nce to mankind perhaps my name is better known
than appreciated but you have both felt pity for me and
I am not indifferent to the transactions of your world
you shall hear from me again soon judson Hutchinson

[Text at bottom of page, written upside down]

John R Bartlet secretary of State

(Page 4)

 [Text at top of page, upside down]

he will be with you tomorrow night and speak for himself I sent a
message to him requesting him to come and his answer is favourable
John Brown Charles Hammond  I will tomorrow night
you will hear of great contests soon, there is trouble now the evil day has
come and the work is now begun, men act as [illegible] will as think
who shall be ready; where will veangence [sic] fall, where will the
voice of power first ^be^ felt and heard I have come from the
low chamber of woe and the sobbing sounds of anguish have
rent the very air until all medium forces have scattered in
attoms [sic] to the quarters of the united world bearing in the
current of the winds new seed to spring up, while the fer
tile sympathies are open to the cause,   It is true that the

[Continues at bottom of page with line beginning "time has come"]

[Text halfway down page, written upward]
         Amy Post
                   Jersey City
  Care George Willets
   No 6 Pavonia Place

[Text near bottom of page, written normal]
Mrs De Grove a writer
Dr Joseph Curtis shot himself

[Text at bottom of page, upside down]

time has come. the wicked are affraid [sic] and the good
pursue them fearlysly [sic] take heed to these things, build up
in your own homes the attom [sic] of truth love and justice and
stand firm in faith until the requirements come

Ther [sic] evil day has come

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