Post, Mary Robbins. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Mary Robbins Post to Isaac Post, January 1, 1866.


January 1, 1866

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                                1st mo 1st 1866
Dear All   Brothers very welcom [sic] letter
came duly but not until we had looked
sometime and as Libbie has a letter read
for Jacob I will enclose a slip to you
with the usual compliments and good
wishes of the morning and in doing
it would desire the richest blessings to
be showered upon you I see as each yea^r^
passes how this custom increases and I
like the feeling which it contributes to
the social reunions are delightful if
the baneful wine and the fashionable
calls were both banished I think it mig^ht^
be one of ^the^ pleasantest days   It seems
like a fresh starting point on our
journey inspiring with renewed ener^gy^
to walk more worthily yesterday as
I took a retrospective glance over the
past year I felt saddened by the small
advancement made but hope has come
with the morning and I will strive to
walk without fainting in the path of life
It is a rainy morning Stephen and
Matilda have invited quite a large
company I suppose for Saml and

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Kate Stephen told him they must
come out in their regimentals  I hope
they will come if it continues to storm
it will be too bad to be absent Several
years ago W J Cocks made a wedding party
for a nephew the company went but the
bride and groom on act of rain remaind [sic]
at home Kate is at Tyosset but she will
have to stay at home considerable to get
ready to leave us  Many of your friends
think your visit was quite too short
cousins Edmund & Martha expressd [sic] regret^s^
you did not visit them Mary P. Titus
Mercy Hubbs and many others it seems
to me almost like a dream We have
got our sewing society started quite a
number desire to meet at private
houses I suppose the nice suppers are
attractive but I think a small company
at the Hall who go expressly for the good
of the cause is preferable to a large one
who go for the supper the party of the
pleasure We have a large number of
garments ready to ship but where so

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much is needed it is difficult to decide
where is the place Phebe Wright has been
down on the Government farms near
Washington she is very anxious to have
them to send there but I am opposed to
it as I beleive [sic] there is greater need farth [sic]
South we shall decide tomorrow and send
them this week Stephen Post and Lady
came up Christmas Grandmother was very
smart was out in the parlor and went
out to dinner and tea which she had not
done in a long time (she had lain a
bed a great deal and thought she was mos^t^
gone) she was pleased with the girl
thinks she is one of her kind thinks quic^k^
and speaks it I guess the time for
their marriage will be about the 18
perhaps not fully fixed  You did
not speak of seeing A J Davis and wife
we have had an invitation to assist
in making them a generous New
Years present Jehiel Hoyt gave us
readings last week from the quiet
man in three parts containing

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many truths and many excellent hits
at the popular ideas of home comfort
the Dr's and peace and war it was
ably written and well read giving genera^l^
satisfaction  You did not tell us if
Phebe Willets was in Albany and very
much more we wanted to hear many
thanks for what thee wrote only give
us a second edition hope Amy has
had no recurrence of her difficulty
was thee at home when she was taken
Mary W went home yesterday Abby
Seaman has had another attack which
rendered her speechless and helpless
I should think not very likely to recover
Marianna Hawxhurst has been quite
pooly [sic] but is improving under pill
treatment the Dr's medium done
her no good Ann Titus trial is to
come on the 9 her daughter does
not gain at all on the reverse is not
able to walk much if any - If William
lets Ann rule him and all else I
see nothing but disaster and loss for
his portion & wish the N Y might infuse energy
enough into him to be firm in purpose and
govern his wife she certainly needs restraint

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