Post, Jacob Kirby. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Jacob Kirby Post to Isaac Post, December 17, 1865.


December 17, 1865

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         Rochester Dec 12th 1865
     Dear Father & Mother
                                              I came very
near writing May at top of this page
the weather is more like May or June
than winter had a fall of snow one
day last week none to be seen this
day wind south feels like rain
Uncle Belden was with us last
night on his way to Norfolk Verginia [sic]
to locate if possible Curtis came home
sick they received word at Madison
that he was sick at Lafaette Indanna [sic]
and Charles Belden went after him I
guess that it was more home sick
than anything Els [sic]   Expecting him down
to day with Aunt Sarah who is on
her way to Port Plain on a visit before
they settle they do not seem to be

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or know any better what to do
with themselves than when the farm
was first sold
That rapping turnes [sic] out to be a hum
bug but a great many wer [sic] fooled
by the noise which was made by
the opperatives [sic] in Hovey's daguerreian
Rooms where they put the Negatives
in the rack which ^was^ against the way
and made a noise in the room below
Hovey let me into the secret
Gennesee River is very high at present
a good deal higher than a year ago
at this season of year
Willey and Charles seem to be getting
along very well in opening the store
I guess that they might keep too [sic] it
All winter and Father take the morning
a little Easier
Bubbys face is looking quite clear
so much that Jennie had

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his picture taken yestoday [sic] by Keep
ing his cap on and voering
up a very sore head he made
quite a respectfullible [sic] appearance
we are in hopes that he is better
but quite worrisom [sic] last night
Samuel and Catharine left us
yestoday [sic] after making a short
but very pleasant visit
they will come often
first recevd [sic] a letter from Fort Plain
saying that Fred Smith had sent
us 100 lg Brooms on sale
Enough to last us a long time
The Rest as well as usual
                 Aff Your Son
                                           J K Post

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