H___, L ?. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from L ? H___ to Amy Kirby Post, November 6, 1865.


November 6, 1865

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       London, England, Nov. 6th65
Respected Friends
                             I have not forgot
ten my promice [sic] to write you
have delayed doing So, thinking I
might have more to interest
you, as I requested Mr Marvin
Lucy to call on his way home
& let you know where I was & it
was possible we migh [sic] goe [sic] to Eng
land, while at New York Mr
Lucy friend advised him to
goe [sic] to Som [sic] foreign Clime for
his health, aluding [sic] to som [sic]
that had done So & recovered
there health. he made up his

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mind to goe [sic] So he wishing us
to goe [sic] with him & aid him
& counseled my Spirits friends
about going, they said they would
like to have me goe [sic] to this
place as mediums were more needed
there than here & I find that to
be the cace [sic], we were 14 days on
the Sea rather rough apart of
the way acros [sic]. rather a [Stranj?]
move you may think & quite an
undertaking indeed, but as I am a
moving Planet it does not matter
much where I am onely [sic] to serve my
mishion [sic], Spencer had the gue
while crossing bot being well the
change Stired [sic] him all up became
quite weak, this is all for the best

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as he is better than he has been for
years getting quite fleshy. Mr Lucy was
quite unwell also could not eat enny
thing [sic] much as the lining did not
Suit his Somach [sic] mostly meats & grea
ce [sic] English styil [sic] he got pretty well
clensed [sic] while crossing has been im
proveing [sic] quite fast cince [sic]. three weeks
here, I have been improveing [sic] all of the
time I like the Country very well that
I have seen well may London be caled [sic]
the mother City. just one Mass of bui
ldings & curioetys [sic] for miles either [sic] way
the Spirets [sic] hold us to you in a certain
direction & find a Spiritualist we wal
ked about 5 miles & found them they
invited me to Speak I done so had a ver^y^
good attendence [sic] very few belever [sic] here

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I find them very kind readdy [sic] to asist [sic]
me in enny [sic] way would like me to Spea
k not much wealth among them rather
hard for mediums So much opposition
J M Spear is here laboring for the
cause I think can I doe [sic] well with Claren
rince [sic] here how long I shall Stay I doe [sic]
not know as yet I like the English better
than [suspected?], my mind often returns
back to its native home & the friends
I have left behind & youre [sic] Selves in
peticular [sic] & the quiet hours I spent
with you & youres [sic] please give my respects
to all of the friends with you would
ike to hear from you all Mr Lucy Sends
his rsepcts [sic] & Spencer also you will
excuse me for sending this line in this
way I thought it best to doe [sic] So I would be
pleased have one in the Same way from you
as Mr Saulsbury will write me in
buisness [sic] matters I remain youre [sic]
constant friend & fraternal Sister
                                         L H

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