Seaver, J W. Letter to Elizabeth Watson.


Handwritten letter from J W Seaver to Elizabeth Watson, October 12, 1865.


October 12, 1865

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                                      Byron Oct 12/65

Mrs Elizabeth Watson
          Vice President Genessee Association of

Dear Sister
                  You are doubtless aware
that ^at^ our long to be rembered [sic] Pic Nic held
at Portage Bridge Aug 16th a Resolution
was unanimously adopted organizing the
10 Westernmost counties of this State
into the "Genesee Association of Spiritualists
and that you was selected as one of its
Vice Presidents
                I enclose a copy of the Resolutions &c.
  It is desirable from many consider-
-ations that this association shall demonstrate
itself to be a live institution, that its
power & influence may be immediately felt
on the side of Eternal Truth & Universal Pro-
-gress, for we stand on the earth as visible
representatives of a Mighty Angelic Host, who
have inaugurated this New Dispensation and

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who are ready and anxious to co-
-operate in every good word & work
   As officers of this association the duty
& privilege is ours of suggesting and rec-
-commending to our Brothers & Sisters within
its limits, such action as in our combined
wisdom aided by Heavenly Counsillers [sic], this
present period may seem to require
            In order to comply with the letter
letter [sic] & spirit of the Resolutions organing [sic]
the Association, it is very desirable to
have an early meeting of the Board
of Control of which you are a member
& after consultation with some of its
members I have concluded to invite
a meeting of all tis members at
Batavia Friday Oc at 1 Oclock
P.M. at the office of A. C. English
in the Erie Railway ticket office-
     The Session will continue during
the eving [sic] & its members will doubtless
be cheerfully entertained by friends in
the village

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    Rochester having four representatives
among the offices of the association
viz   yourself & C. W. Hebard  V. Pres-
                        Edwd Jones &   }
                        Mrs Amy Post  } Executive Com-
I have made but one list of the list
of the enquiries which we desire to have
announced by each county & I have directed
then to Mr Hebard, who will doubtless
call your attention to them
            As this is to be a very impor-
-tant & we hope interesting meeting we trust
you will not fail to attend _ & con
-tribute by your wisdom & Inspirations
to the intent of the [organiz?]
     Hoping to mete [sic] you there & to
renew our very limite acquaintance
which I was unfortunately ^prevented^ from doing
at Portage Bridge Aug 16 - & which was
a great loss to the assembled multitude
       I am Fraternally Your Brother
                             J.W. Seaver President
                              Genesee Association of Spiritualists

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