Willets, George. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from George Willets to Isaac Post, March 23, 1865.


March 23, 1865

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            214 Duane Street
            New York Mar 23, 1865
Dear Cousin     Supposing that You
would like to hear how we are
getting along thought I would write
a line.  There has been a perfect
panic here for some time prices have
gone down very much _ And no sales
for any thing _ I suppose I had got
a little blue. but I was in no ways
discouraged. And I went to see
Mrs Staats and received a very
long communication from my father
reaffirming all that he had said
before and saying that we were all
right. I did not ask one question
every thing that I would asked about
he spoke to so that I had not
a question to ask _ He alluded to
My oil interest in Ohio which Mrs
Staats Knew nothing about said I.

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would realize a good interest for
it &c _ said I would be sent for
to go to Cincinatti. the last of this
month _ And that we would have
a choice of business _ And that
we would surely go steadily on
to prosperity _ We are getting something
nealy [sic] evry [sic] day _ from differnt places
got to day _ a lot of Eggs from
Vermont. which sold well as the
Rail Roads are all shut up I
sold them in twenty minutes after after
arrival at 35.cts per doz _ And
had the money deposited in
Bank _in two hours_ We are
beset to lend our neighbors money
some that we have no acquaintance
with _ we have a pretty good
ballance [sic] in Bank but we
steadily refuse all _ we tell them
that we want all our money to
do business with And we do not
propose to boorow [sic] of them or

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to put ourselves in a position to
ask favors of that Kind _ If
it offends them we cant help it
the truth is all have been
buying at high prices and
now the price is only half and
they cannot sell. I would
write out my Communication if I
had time but it is getting time
to go home _ I will _ some day
when I have leisure
I think with My father that
we are all right _ And as soon
as we find bottom we shall go
along, Mrs Staats spoke much
after writing _said that parties
next would send for me and
we might put our business in
a speciality if we chose _ And
we would have all we could
do _ she saw heaps of Barrels
going in _ and going out of
our store and large lots stored

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therin [sic] _ and that my father
said _ there was no mistake
but we should go straight on
to prosperity _ and no fail _
It is a remarkable communication
and spoke of evry [sic] one in the family
and I will try and send it
to you soon - as I take it for
granted you would like to
see it. _ I invited Mr Stewart
to come to New York said he
would come about 1st of April
tell him to come along I think
it will do him good as well
as me
    Affectionately thy cousin
                      Geo Willets

we got notice yesterday that a
flowing well of heavy oil had
been struck within a mile of our
farm _ of 300. Barrels a day and
he seem to think that our land will
soon bring 1000 dollars an acre 75. [illegible] ^acres^
[Continues upward in right margin]
cost 23,000 dolls

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