Gray, Louisa Nell. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Louisa Nell Gray to Amy Kirby Post, March 6, 1865.


March 6, 1865

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                       Geneva March-6-1865
Dear Friends
                          I Paied [sic] my usual
Visit to the Office Saterday [sic] & Found
3 letters there all for me_ One from
yourself & two from My Son his
both Being Mailed on the same day
I was So Very ansious [sic] to learn thee [sic]
Cause of the non Arrival Of My letter
that I read yous [sic] at Once & you may
know I must have been Surprised at
finding you had Sent it back & it
not having Come to My Hands. I felt
Strange as I can never bear the Idea
that My Letter Should fall Into any
better Hands than those ^(of)^ A Friend. I
felt there was No help for it & that
I must wait untill [sic] you had Seen
to it.  I then Proceeded to Read [Iras?]
Letters. & When I had done that I
found the letter had been returned here &

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as My Sister did not add my
Middle Name or Even Put the
Initials On the Envelope - it found
its way Into A Mr Griegs Box who
has A Daughter Named Leouisa & She
Openned it & Sayes [sic] that as Soon
as She Read the Heading She Saw
it was not for her & Concluding
that as it had been Sent to Rocheste [sic]
& returned here that I was not here
Put it in another Envelope & directed
it to [Ira?] & sent it to him with a
letter From her self Apologiseing [sic] for
Opening it. I have it now dear
Amy & Many thanks for you
kndness [sic] & Trouble. all Of Which
Might have been Saved if My Sister
had Only taken care Of it In the
First Place when it Came She did
not Put it away but let One of
the Children get & Break it Open &
In ^it^ was 24 cents worth Of Stamps
which he destroyed all but five & She

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Put 2 on the letter & One On hers
& 2 inside the Leady [sic] took one &
Put it On to Send it Back & so
you See that I am none the Better
Off for My Sons care.  I am real glad
there was no Money - it would have
been real. bad.   You [sic] Letter was Very
Interesting & am glad the Man Suited
the Perpose [sic]. you dont know [how] how
Pretty Sisseys Used to look when it was
Curled dear little Soul. I am afraid I
Shall never become reconciled as I Ought
I have been real homesick Since I came
home to Geneva. I long for some of the
Pleasent [sic] & [Quiet?] times I used to have
with you.  I am really Shocked to
hear the Sad News of Marys Brothers
destessing [sic] Affliction it does Seem as if
Some had more than thier [sic] Share &
do not wonder Mary Ann gave ^(away)^ under it
Poor Stephen how Sincerely I Sympthize
with him My [sic] he find a releif [sic] For the
Excitement Of his Soldier life give my

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[Intentionally Blank]

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Best love to them Both & tell them
keep up a good Heart as it is the lot
Of all Mortals to pass through trying
Scenes In this life. I hope My Friends
the Morecess are not going to desert you
becase [sic] I am no longer there I know
that they ^have^ great Esteem for you Jennie
Promised to be quite Busy when I left at
her [Pleede?] I was quite amused at the
Idea Of Your going to a Fortune teller
that they do not always hit the exact
case I am convinced, but we like to have
them come Somewher [sic] near it I agree
with you that his Watsons Situation
could not be Much Improved was She
Spiretual [sic] Fortuneteller I did not
get the Fact. as Regards Miss Mudgett
I was not aware that you had told her
anything of that kind_ but am not
at all Surprised at her Impertinance [sic]
I have never looked upon her as anything
but a very Common Person I know the

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Character & kind Of Society of
the People that any one Generally Keeps
that reside In that Vicinity that She
Had the Sayes [sic] She lived on. the Children
disturb me So that I can not tell
what I am written half of the time
I have been long Enough writing this to
have written three  I am anxios [sic]
Especting [sic] to hear from William &
will now Bid you good Morning
From yours most Truly Louisa Nell

P S   Oh do not let met forget
my kind Friend  Mr. Post.
   Remember me kindly to Him
                                L N G.

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