Degraw, Mary John. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Mary John Degraw to Amy Kirby Post, January 19, 1865.


January 19, 1865

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            Granger ,January 19 1865
    Dearest Amey [sic]
                               After a long and teadious [sic]
journey we have arrived at a stoping [sic] place after
we left you nothing ocured [sic] until we arrived
at Utica, there had to seek a logeing [sic] as we
could not get along, being short of money but
the good spirits attended as we got through
without harm found our friends well as usual,
excepting Angeline Cliff was burried [sic] 2 days before
died with disease of the heart saw sarah yesterday
good health and spirits thinking it was all for the
best, gone to her spirit home free from all
care. Johney has been absent for several day in
search of employment. have nothing particular
to communicate at present. Sarah Cliff sends her
best love and good wishes to you. write soon
i should lik [sic] much to heare [sic] how the Dr Care
come out. remember me to [mimy?] in love
and in progressive life. in the unfolding
the inner life may the good angles direct her
[Continues on page two with line beginning "Also Mary an"]

(Page 2)

[Text in top margin, written upside down]
Direct your letter Granger Allegany C N.Y.
care of Lebina Chapman [Ames?]

[Text normal]
Also Mary an and sister may they seek
the Knigdom [sic] of heaven and its righteousness
and all things will be added to them,
I have found 2 papers the Kingdom of heaven
the one that has. can a mother forget her
child in what i wrote to him the next is johns
well i will close this short but imperfect
epistle hopeing [sic] those few lines will find you
all enjoying heavens blessings. may the good
Angels guide and direct You in your goings out
and your comeings [sic] in is the prayr [sic] of your true friend
remember me to Willey and enquireing [sic] friends, my best
love to Isaack [sic], prosperity and happiness attend him
through the wilderness and at last be blessed
in the land of spirit, where Love dwels [sic] in all your goode [sic]
deeds may the God of wisdon [sic] direct you both in
the good old way of true life in my prayers
John join in love with me to all the household of
faith, be not weary in well doing. Heaven will
shower down an abudnence [sic], now may may [sic] the good of
love and peace continue with you i remain in the bonds
[Continues upward in right margin]
of love of truth and comeing [sic] Kingdom yours truely [sic] Mary John De Graw

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