Beebe, Emily G ?. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Emily G ? Beebe to Amy Kirby Post, October 10, 1859.


October 10, 1859

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                                           Galesburg Ill Oct 10/59

   My Dear Mrs Post
                                     It is a long
long time since I have heard
from you and as I think I owe
you a letter I must try and write
you a few lines. On my way from
Dayton to this place I stopt [sic] in
Chicago one week stayed with the
Hitchcock's also with the Richmonds
one day and night found them
very pleasant kind people was
surprised and sorry to hear that
Susant ^had^ left and that I could not
see her they told me she had
gone back to Rochester to live

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I heard and saw nothing of spiritualism
in the City (they hold no meetings
and I heard of no circles) this is bad grammer [sic] ^excuse it^
Mr & Mrs Hitchcock requested me when
I wrote you to send their love
           By the by I heard that Joseph
(while in Chicago) whenever he heard
Spiritualism opposed would stand up
firmly as its advocate he will do
Something yet for the cause May all
good help him I trust his heart is
in the right place give my love to
Mary Jane & the little ones. also to all of
your family  While in Dayton I made
the acquaintance of Judd Pardee
formaly [sic] assosiated [sic] in this world's affairs
^with^ Mrs Kingsburg I found him a

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pleasant spiritual minded man and
like him very much I also renewed
my acquaintance with L E Barnard who
was passing through the City on a lectureing [sic]
tour he seemed to be in a sad (not despon
-ding) but reconciled State as he told me
the cause his wife was a free-lover
that is had another man besides her
husband he requested his best regards
to you and Mr Post his residence at present
is with a sister in Urbana (Ohio)
I find that spiritualism is in every place -
but very quiet some embrace it for good
and some for good the last good I meant
to have written for bad but as I wrote the
former word perhaps as the woord [sic] indicated
good they all do it for good I beleive [sic] it

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How are Lewis and Sarah  Burtis
is Warren doing anything in Electropathy
is Susan in Rochester and with you
how is Mrs Coleman and Gerty
Mrs Hamilton how does she get
along do you have any meetings and
is there any interest manifested in
the cause there is nothing here in
Galesburg I do wish that I could
have some   of the old fasioned [sic] times
Some times I feel as though I should have
my Share if I will only keep up my
courage and exercise a little more faith
I have no intimation that the spirits
ever come to me I am well and have
struck out by myself and am treating
alone give my love to Jacob & Jenny
and all you family accept much for
yourself & Mr Post Yurs [sic] Respectfully
                                 Emily G Beebe

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