Post, Isaac. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Isaac Post to Amy Kirby Post, November 14, 1853.


November 14, 1853

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[Text in left margin, written upwards]
2nd day morning Charley rested better his mother says. they have not called
any Docter [sic] -- The rain has ceased but it is still cloudy. Jacob passed the night with Arthur
[Continues in top margin]
Brooks I believe I
told that
he had a
broken leg
they have
to stay
with them
nights to
it is vry [sic]
for his
to be
cnfined [sic]
to nea-
arly [sic]
I think
is doing
as well
as could
I see
in the
last Li^b^rator [sic]
to some
[Continues in right margin]
one to ^in^ Chicago who appeals [free?] him Douglas     G brings     in Julia    as being no better than she should be

[Text normal]
                           Rochester 14th of 11thmo 1853
        My dear Amy   I have been looking for a letter
to day but none comes from thee and I must
write soon or thee will have ^life^ before the [sic] gets
this. Company has just left had a quite large
Circle at our house. but I will tell of last
evening first at Browns Dr N was there
as well as Mr Wells   We sat quiet for a time
when Hammond commenced and spoke as im-
pressed for a time which I took down and
the young man also - he did not speak quite
as long as usual when he obseved [sic] or the Spirit that
spoke that he would give place for other - the Dr had
been for some time in the superior condition
and he broke forth in his most powerfull [sic]
[strain?] declareing [sic] himself to be A Pope he spoke
of the prophecy of the old heavens & Earth passing
away and a new takeing [sic] there [sic] places the time
has already arrived when the heavens and earth
were united so that those in one state converse
with those of the other & we declare unto you
that greater truths where [sic] never uttered than
we have heard this evening alluding to
what Hammond had said or words to that
import I greatly wished that his speach [sic]
might have been taken down and supposed that
our ready writer could do it but he failed
he said afterwards that his attention was so abs-
orbed with the subject that he could not keep his

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attention on his work I do not see that he can
write very much faster than I can it was
a wonderfull [sic] speach [sic] he quoted some of his
poetry and amongst other that which he still
considered characteristic - Glows in the sun
&c and when he ceased to speak he bid us good
night then Wills spoke and so well that the
Dr fell back into the inner state and sometimes
what he said showing that he spoke from Spirit
influence I thought the Dr felt happy more
so than for some time past _ This evening L & S _
Burtis Burrows the Dr and wife [Bradfiel?] & wife and
4 strangers one man & three women came and
sat with we did not get acquainted with them
we set down and the Dr very soon was
A Pope again and I should have been glad
to have had 10,000 people heard him he spoke
of the necessity becoming simple and acting
natural which of you dare act without
the fear of man reformation should begin
with each individual &c he spoke of the
great advancements that had been made
and spoke of greater a head urged to faithfully
utter what we find to be true regardless
of consequences for great was the necessity
of carrying out our convictions of right it
seemed better than we deseved [sic] after he concluded
or as he concluded he bid us good night very
gracefully - after sitting a short time Sarah Burtis
gave some very good advice said the room

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seemed filed [sic] with or ^we wer [sic]^ encircled with many [sic] of our
kindred Spirits as well as some who were not
related who were drawn to our society by affinity
she gave very good advice then the Spirit streig-
htened [sic] her and she awoke - there was one other
that I forgot to mention and that was Soule
Sarah says tell the [sic] Willie is a very good boy
he went to dine at Williams again saw his
Aunt Sarah invited him - Sarah has had
her teeth filled and they are comfortable but she
she [sic] has a very soar [sic] finger something like
a run round all the root of the nail it is after
19 and I have a cold been quite unwell and will
lay this aside to see what may present to add
Chan^n^ing has given notice of a meeting to morrow
evening to point out the position true position of woman
or something like it Good night
first Day morning Thy mesenger [sic] came to me this morning
in less than 24 hours after it was written ^I suppose^ Altho thee
will not expect to hear from me unless I conclude
to go yet I think at best to send this even tho
I do not expect to leave home - next Sixth day
evening I hear Wendel Philips [sic] will speak before
the Liceum [sic] the ^next^ time day, evening J R Giddings &
the next two days is to be held a womans
wright [sic] Meeting I believe   State convention
I do not know who other notable ones are to be
present but E L Rose _ I should like to have
thee had stated whether Joseph & Mary were to go
to N York with you to the Palace whether any
letter writen [sic] aweak [sic] ago had been recived [sic] directed
to Westbury or whether Jacobs & mine had been

(Page 4)

received directed to Jericho    This has been a rainy
day not a hard rain but a still quiet rain and
our meetings have been small Colman the
only woman this morning and one other Mrs [Mirth?]
this afternoon she and her husband came here
to dine.   Not one word from George Willets
since last first day  his family are very
anxious to hear Channing has appointed a meeting
at Corinthan [sic] Hall for this evening but it is so rainy
I presume there will be but few there and perhaps
they will not light up I hope not I think it a
misjudged appointment for without Douglass as he
had last first day evening I think he could not
draw a full house in a pleasent [sic] evening, and
I do not see how he can expect to gain many
hearers when his own meetings ar [sic] so very small
Mrs Coleman was ther [sic] last first day morning
and she said there was not as many as attended our
our [sic] Meeting in the afternoon
 have been to Olens this evening have had a good time
Dr [Hanable?] was Pope again _ Soule was then with a very
                                                                  ^to morrow morng [sic]^
hard Cough he first pointed his finger at him and said get
one ounce of white Turnip pulverised put with 3
of honey then take four table spoon [parts?] of warm
milk put in one teaspoonfull of the medicine and take
four times day or you will soon be with us - he
then when [sic] on and spoke of the truth he uttered that
the proper study of Man is man, spoke of the necess-
ity of being free beautifully he had two spels [sic] of
talking and when he awoke Burrows had consid
erable to say which the Dr had the opportunity of hearing
which I was glad off [sic] as he was much pleased with
what he said it passed of [sic] very agreeably and he
whent [sic] home feeling happy altho he had spoken the
evening in my hearing. Charley Willets is quite unwell
has a fevor [sic] is broken out with blotches about his
body he appears rather more comfortable this
evening I have been makeing [sic] passes over him
[apparently?] with good effect if I think of more I will add in
                                                                        the morning

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