Post, Isaac. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Isaac Post to Amy Kirby Post, June 5, 1853?



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Mr Turner and now Barker is up but only
to say a few words and Mrs Rose now has
the stand she declares she has no God to de-
fend neither the God of the Bible nor the God of
nature many go out and she wats [sic] for ther [sic]
absence and proceeds _ A multitude remains
and they are magnatised [sic] as she tells of the
inequalities of woman and the Bible goes
against her knowledge &c I presume there still
1000 Present - Women have been greatly wronged
by whoever wrote that book she brings down
the honor with her with the Bible says where
man and woman mary [sic] they [twain?] [on?] one
and that one is the man except when
the woman for some transgression of law
is to be king she and not he is to be
king by a law. that she had no hand in
making and does not suffer &c
the assembly look agast [sic] as she is speaking of the
cruelty and injustice of the Bible God cursing
all the prodogy [sic] of Eve because she partook
of the forbidden fruit _ half way between [pleasur?]
and [illegible] her time is out but cries come go on go on
when the question was given and there was many
affirmatives and but one no - but it is now
half past 5 and I feel tired we met at ½ past 2
Altho she may do good I believe she would do much
more good if she had the knowledge of Spiritual
life as some of us have with her talents she
might be a mighty instrimentality [sic] in advancement

(Page 2)

she is giving the Bibles account of rewards and
punishment and makes a planer [sic] of such
results look extremely rediculous [sic] and cruel
I went to Davises to tea but I should say
a vote of thanks was given her which I think
was not necessary for I think her speaches [sic]
lack a very asseential [sic] comodity [sic] and that the
hope or knowledge of the greatest importance
that which is to be & that is in the future
and what is now experienced by many
Friend C Davis strugling [sic] with a cough which
was very distressing for a time a pleasant
Company Garrison H C Wright J Barker Finney
Mrs Rose and some others among the rest Lewis
^ Sarah. Now at the Hall charge of 5 Cent
to keep out Rowdiism [sic] the charge had been
given and attended mostly that there should be no
applause as there was a Church near by and it
might distress the worship but very soon
after the buisness [sic] commenced stamping which
disapproved by the Chairman a person sitting
back very distinctly & emphatically hoped
that the people would remain orderly and
the Chairman Stated they had heard the
Mayor, appeal which he hoped would be
attended to which seems to be quit [sic] an
effectual argument especially as he re-
mains present it is rather hard to remain
quiet but it appears they rather be still
                          than go to the museum

(Page 3)

Well while I write Stors is in a loud
voice explaining and correcting Scriptures
for Mrs Rose made such horrible
application of the [scripurs?] as they are he
is learnedly [illegible] different passages as he
supposes I feel as tho his time may as
well say be used with one thing as another
I supose [sic] poor Pilsbury will have to go a way
with his load Finny with his Barker with
a part of his and how many other I do not
know but I presume many I believe Garri
son is to be the next but I see Barker
is is [sic] penning something I fear he will take
the time that I think justice would giv[e]
to another it is ow 21 minutes of 9 W L Garri[son]
has the floor and he speaks as few can
Speak he sums up the usage that has
been reived [sic] I have the rappings freely by
me since he has been speeking [sic] he is
takeing [sic] a kind of summing up position
and I hope will speak to the end -
his time is up but he is invited to go on
he proceeds and is giving sush [sic] tests to try
the sincerity of our conduct that brings
us to look at our selves from the true [illegible]
see whither [sic] we are devoted to right or are
only passing with the popular cause
but it will be published and I will I rejoice
           that it will be

(Page 4)

Garrison has set down and [Turner?] is up but
I think it would better have better to have adjurned [sic]
for the assembly began to be restless only think
our Frnd Turner is speaking as moderately and
as kindly as he can and object to what other Speaker
said and he had the day before him it is after 10
and I believe [sic] there is to be another _ Mrs Rose is now
speaking at first she could not be heard at
first but now she is suffered to go on I suppose the
[Continues with line beginning "Mayer must have"]

[Text halfway down page in center, written upward]
     Isaac Post
 for Amy Post
               N Y

[Text halfway down page on right side, written upward]
were leaving I heard W L Garr-
ison enquired for with an earnst
ness [sic] that led me to hope he
had gone and I believe he had
I go to N.Y this morning a
very pleasant one shal [sic] prob
ably go to Joseph to night
and it is not likely that I shall write again unless I do not
get home this week thy Issac

Mayer [sic] must have gone she was suffered [sic] to fin-
[frnd?] ish Barker is now undertaking to speak but
there is so much noise is making he cannot
be heard the noise and confusion continued untill [sic]
there were arrests undertaking to be made when there
was a rush to relieve those whom liberty was taken from
them - the mayer [sic] became exceedingly affrightend [sic] as
some person moved an adjournment and the Mayer [sic] said
he seconded it and demand it as being Parlimentry [sic] & it was done
but after that a vote of thanks was given the Mayor for his endea-
vers [sic] to preserve order there was differently in finding   egress
                                                       from the house and as we were
[Continues above with line beginning "were leaving I"]

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