Cob, Emma R. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Emma R Cob to Amy Kirby Post, 1853.



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                       N. York Tuesday 13th 1853
My Dear Mrs. Post
                    I am safely arrived at
the great-[Gr-thane?]. Came down
by Steam-boat-from Albany. Mrs. Rose
came ^with us^ as far as the latter place from
Syracuse where forth she and and [sic] Chan=
ning [illegible] took the cars.
       The probability is that I shall
lecture in the city before leaving, as the
friends have it now under con=
sideration – and the thought has
just occurred to me that if I do so
it will be a grand time to presents
those petitions to the audience for
signatures and they be killing two
birds with one stone. – lecture the au=
dience and get them to pray the legis=
lature. May I ask you therefore to get
some copies of the petitions and send
them to me? Direct to 25’ Cottage Place
I should write to Susan Anthony for them
but she lives out of town and I came

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afraid they would not reach me
in Season to be of any use.
     In addition to the many favors you
have already done me, I will hope for
this and more, which is indeed less a
favor to me than to the cause which
we both so love. Excuse this bad
writing for I am tired and nervous
                        Yours Truly
                                  Emma R. Coe

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