Post, Joseph. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph Post to Isaac Post, November 6, 1852.


November 6, 1852

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                                                   Westbury 11th mo 6th 1852
            Dear Brother & Sister
                                       I expected we should have had some
account of doings directed to your before this but on our geting [sic]
^home^ found one care after another that called for attention
    After leaving Amy we the next morning started for our
New York. and at 2 oclock left for Philadelphia after being
^on^ board a few minutes Garrison and his wife came on board
which made our journey very pleasent [sic] and ^they appeared glad of^ our company
as we were the only antislavery folks on board we went
to James Motts with them. and made our homes with there
James and Lucretia had gone to the antislavery office after geting [sic]
some tea we also went their [sic] and found their exutive [sic] committee
three they welcomed us very cordially Garrison had a meeting
first day afternoon in Franklin hall very full first
day morning we went to Cherry St meeting Mary Caly
spoke first said she had seen the beast that John saw
with 7 heads and ten horns and on his head was writen [sic]
blasphemy and termed the Spiritual manifestation
the beast. Georg Truman said he was exceedingly ashamed
of her. we heard of some complaining of Garr^i^son for smilling [sic]
and he said it was so rediculas [sic] he the reason he smiled, soon
after Mary got through Lucretia arose and was very excelint [sic]
doing away with all that had been said witout appearing
in direct opposition or alluding directly to the spiritual
aspect of the times. Second day morning we arrived at West
Chester near 11 oclock organized and had 8 very good meeting
the proceedings you will proberly [sic] see in the papers
much better than I can give them.  And then Lucy
Stone had a meeting in the evening on the right and
wrongs of woman very large and interesting I do not
think it could be beat.  I think I never saw a large
meeting more quiet and attentive than that one was
for an hour and 50 minutes and at the close she said she
had to pay 5 $ for the hall and could not travle [sic] from place
to place on the cars without money she would go round and

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if any one felt willing to give they might have an
oppotrinity [sic] she did not want any thing for her service she
was willing to give that, she went one side of the hall
and Rebecca Plumly the other side and it seemed as if all
wanted to give for very unlike almost all other ^times^ scarcely any
left the room untill [sic] they had been round and on country
the money she had 20 $ after paying for the hall
On geting [sic] back to the City Mary wanted someting [sic] done
to her teeth and as it was likely to take several
day. I though [sic] best for me to come home so on 6 day
I came and found our family all well Mary did not
come untill 4th day. she left Philideplphia [sic] at 9 Oclock
and arrived at our home about 4 Oclock. Well election
is past and I suppose many disappointed and many more much
pleased. I can say my inclination leans rather to the wigs [sic] althoug^h^
I feel very little anxiety on the subject, having for several
years beleived [sic] it best for those who think war rong [sic] or who
would carry out the views of Christ as much as in them lies
cannot take part in the government as now administerd [sic]
or consistantly [sic] go to the polls to give a vote. I suppose
Amy has told the [sic] of our movement with our buildings after
thee left I began to think if we did do any thing with
the crib and carriag [sic] house now was the time while the
hog pen was away accordingly we fixed and moved 5 buildings
first filling up a part of the pond which took us about
a week so that now we feel we are done as far as moveing [sic]
buildings is conserned [sic] although much sand is to be moved
before the ground will be as we want it withet [sic] we get
througt [sic] with it this fall is uncertain but are in hopes
we shall First day after evening E P Willets and S Titus just gone
have had much talk on antislavery spirtualism [sic] &c they seem much
involved in both although they do not acknowledge much faith
in the latter or do much in the former. have been to meetings
to day small and silent Rachel has not got home yet is expected the
last of this week we have heard tho in Ohio she advised Friends
to be like the turtle to draw themselves into the shell and
shut themselves within the shell and shut up also that she
has been preaching agains [sic] the spirits though she did not know much about

[Text written on right side of page, upward, on top of main body of letter]
them that one man said the friend has told them she did know much about
it that one ^man^ said the Friend has told us she does not know much it
that she had better not speak of that that she did not know about
                                                                                            J Post

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