Cadding, Milo Defany. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Milo Defany Cadding to Amy Kirby Post, April 1, 1850.


April 1, 1850

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                                                      Bristol, April 1st 1850

My friend Amy
                          Thou wilt percieve [sic] I have not
dated this as one of my young lady friends once
did a communication to me, on 'All Fools Day."
for though it may be all fools day, all are
not necessarily fools for using it.
                          I have put up a few bunches of
grapes thinking to send them to thee, by my
brother J.H. who is here & expects us to return
to R. on Wednesday to R.  These are about the
last of them for this season - not as nice as
when I [wrote?] thee, but have not yet Webster-
ized, & I hope they will not before they get to
thee. The purple ones are Catawbas - the black
ones Isabellas.
                        We have sold some of [Deweys?] book
of the mysteries - it sells well & we have sent
for more. I walk to Canandaigua this P.M. to
send out some in the morning that are to
come by express, & shall attend the A.S. Convention
to be held there tomorrow & next day.
                        Brother tells same tall stories about
communications from his former wife, both by
rapping & by Ms. [Cowdery?]
                        I call Seward’s speech a tall one
as compared with any that D. Webster ever
made. I had to talk an hour one night, because
John A. Jacobs did not come as appointed.
                          Friendship to Isaac - esteem to Sarah
good wishes to the boys - a kiss for Willie, & to thyself
                                               as ever
Ms. Amy Post                                      Milo D. Cadding

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Cadding, Milo Defany
Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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