Post, Mary Robbins. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Mary Robbins Post to Isaac Post, 185-.



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                                                    Westbury 17th, 12
  Dear Brother & Sister
  We received brothers long relayed messenger
which was very gratefully received it had been
so long since we had been this favored that it
seemed to add a new lustre to the bright
chain of affection which has bound you so
lovingly to us through life and I would not
but regret that a communication so calcu
- lated to keep warm all the beautiful
 and holier emotions of the soul should
be so seldom sent on its mission to gladden
and encourage us in our isolation from
congenial intercourse to persevere through
all obstacles _ but enough “a word to the wise
is sufficient” We looked some for Amy at the
convention in N Y and think she would have been
in her place had she been there it was as you
have seen a first rate meeting only that the rain
prevented many from being there on the first even
which I regreted [sic] J E Jones gave us on that Eve the
great speech of the meeting so it seemed to me but
then there were others scarcely second to it Mary
Davis’s was the most beautiful eloquent and
flowery production and delivered first rate
and Mrs Rose sound and practical making

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I should think ^those^ who think women have sights
enough see their error and feel ashamed at the
paltry rights granted to women then there
was Lucretia who filled her [niche?] with all
her womanly dignity and many others not
forgetting our worthy president tis truly won
- derful what a magnetic power she has to hold
an audience spell bound as was manifested
on the last evening T W Higginson Mrs Rose
and Lucretia were the speakers it was some
after 10 when they got through she said she had
a few thoughts but it was too late When to give
them utterance go on go on resounded throug^h^
the audience we staid [sic] until ½ past 10 and as
we passed out to see almost the entire audien^ce^
quitly [sic] and almost breathlessly listning [sic] to the
simple enunciation of truth in all its purity
and beauty was indeed a toutching [sic] sight enou
=gh to convince all of inate [sic] good in man I
contrasted this with the former Womens Rights
Meeting held here amid so much noise and confusi^on^
and it was cheering evidence of an improvemen^t^
in public sentiment It surely depends on the wom
-en whether we have our rights or not Martha Wright
sat at the secretarys table with queenly grace & dignity
an ornament to the platform and to the sex but

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you have ere this seen the various reports which
convey a much clearer idea of the meeting than
I could but there is only a faint glimps [sic] of the
excellence of the meeting by a report however good
It has been monthly meeting to day Aidon preached
a progressive sermon for us and Rachel returned
a minute she had to attend the meetings of the
Y Mo which she had accomplished and asked liberty
to visit the families of friends and friendly people
of NY m.m. which of course was granted
John Hunt has been around again he has been
held up as one of the greatest ministers in society
but the contrast between him and HW Ridgway
is so great that I think many see that John
is rather small in comparison at any rate
they try to be still H Willis told some after
meeting at Jericho that if he should be called on
to witness his will he could not do it for he did
not know that his mind was sound &c&c Edmund
Willits and daughters have got home from their
Southern trip but have scarcely seen them beleive
Memphis was the fatherest [sic] South business was
E motive Aunt Phebe is gaining slowly is more
comfortable for a few days past has been rather
feeble some of the time   Uncle Jacob seems
very comfortable Mother not quite as well as
sometimes more pain Mary W pretty well again
Henry Willis some lame from a fall we were at
Jericho yesterday William Ketcham is there

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morning It is the coldest weather we
have had thermometer 8 above at sunrise
it has been very dry but last first day had
a very great rain and after it a wonderful
blow and it now seems like winter in good
earnest just got through taking care of
our pork which was very fine sole one
which weighed 508 lb which was the heaviest
we had Matilda continues to gain slow
-ly I have not seen her lately company injure
her and we have avoided going there on that
account the Dr remains which is a favor
as he has seemed to help her more than any
other _ Suppose some are busying themsel^ves^
about it but I hope they will not mind
what any one [sic] says we have been quite
busy trying to do something for the Fair in
N Y and have sent some things and feel quite
a hope we can get up a little society to
do something for it in future but L I
is so far on the back ground that I almost
despair of accomplishing much
but I must stop as the chances to
send this to the office may all be past
Maria Willets has been here on a visit says
[J] is better but suppose he is not well by
any means R R and family have also been

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