Post, Isaac. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Isaac Post to Amy Kirby Post, June 3, 1853.


June 3, 1853

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                  Hartford Sixth day morning

               Aman by name [illegible] from New Jersey has been
      speaking and as his manner is rather Austere and altho I admire
the man and his mind seems expanded his reason beyond
yet he is not a favorite speaker to me for I delight to
here [sic] a kindly inviting speaker the best but now
another is speaking which I like better altho I do
not fellowship his views but I like the manner
he seems a minister and is [illegible] [pertaining the?]
scripture but takes care to remind the two speak
ers for they believe in the powers of Daniel &
he does too they believe in the outward coming of christ
the believers the realization of the prophecy in the
rappings in Fox family which commenced in 1853
his name Danforth his talk is so strongly interesting that
I will forbear writing more and listen to him he has
Spoken his 40 minutes which is the limit   Stors and Pilsbury
each [burning?] to be heard the Audience large and
interested but a few word about the last speakers
he said he has a clayvoint [sic] son of two weeks
standing and himself a convert of 14 days
and the report of his speach [sic] will be much more
interesting than what I can pen while listening
to Stors he says by natural religion you cannot
prove but what there are [obliterated] of those
he says natural religion and natural theology
will not do to try the Bible by. Now [Phenny?]
is now up and I am listening with delight but I
will not undertake a discription [sic] [Garrison?] has
come in the meting [sic] has adjourned
Afternoon I went Davis to dinner with Lewis & Sarah
[fout?] Catherine still unwell with a troublesome
cough had not been to meeting but was able
to dish out the dinner they have a delightfull [sic]
home trees and grass in abundance but very
tilled ground that is ploughed or dug their rooms
are small and well hung with pictures &

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Garrison was or is in a strange place not having
been here since 18 30 and wholly a stranger to
Catherine and I thought our friend Davis felt
as tho a superior was present. we had a
bountifull [sic] dinner and returned and now I am
hearing the other Milerite [sic] whose government
over his feelings is praise worthy but I feel
but little interest in what he is saying but
he is trying to make out that [illegible] the
natural condition of man is not harmonious
by saying that when two [ages?] produce
thinkings they soon shew inharmony if one
feels imposed upon - he says the bible does
not teach immortality and therefor [sic] when man
is laid in the grave then he remains
untill [sic] awakened by some crowning power
he feels that if man is a [illegible] the [illegible]
what can man do when
but no matter abot [sic]
his abstractions his 40 minutes are out  and
Joseph Barker is now up he brings down
the house with his shrewed [sic] remarks did
our oponents [sic] establish any law by which
they wish to try the [scriptions?] by and we
are ready _ he is showing the acknowledge-
ment of commentators that there are
many [in us?] _ [illegible] is God  Glory the
earth is full of his glory and if Man
can be known by his fruits why not
know God by his works if we know
not God untill [sic] the Bible how do we
know but what he did before the Bible
was made but I canot [sic] give his manner
of treating the subject his Eloquence is grand
his logic is unanswerable and I will leave
endeavouring to discribe [sic] he sat down
amid applause I hope his speech will
appear in print and now different view
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and the man who spoke before Barker spoke
  [here the spirit speaks?]
   Let us take a general view of the subject
   Let us take a Spirit view or rather a
  view as I hold it Oh could you see the
Scriptures as I see them could you see the
wrongs that are perpetuated in their name
could you see how they are used to
sustain power and austentation [sic] and
how the poor are loaded with burthens [sic]
to sustain its advocates who use the
Scriptures to sustain their standing
no matter who must suffer & how
much [they] suffering is produced on some
yet that matters not but he that
succeeds the best to induce the greatest
control under the present state of
the feeble mind gains the most honour
to himself and the greatest pay for
his services We see the Clergy to [sic] sel-
fish to be proper judges in this case
they are to [sic] much interested in the
decision to longer stand in the place
of Judge & Jury then for we se [sic] it
time for the people ^to^ take the mom-
entious [sic] subject in there [sic] own hands
and no longer be rode by a class who
have long rode them unmercifully
Here is ^the^ point to begin the work from
take the judgment in your own hands
let each examine for themselves and recei-
ve nothing from interested persons with-
out strict examination the work is
great but it never will be better than
now to commence and the work must
e carried on by the people independ-
ently of the teachers that have here-
tofore been looked to for leaders

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Let me say many Spirits are here
looking on with such interest as you cannot
fully appreciate we patiently wait while
such speakers as ^is^ now speaking we wait
untill [sic] he is done and then we long to
assist the next speaker any ^here [illegible]^ W L G read
some excellent resolutions then P Pilsbury
Engaged the audience as perhaps the people
of Hartford never heard it was admirable it
was grand and I will leave the printed report
report [sic] to speak for itself. at the close of his
speach [sic] adjourned to met [sic] at 1/4 past 7 and
now the people are coming in great numbers
George Storrs is now speaking he say see
that City the people living lovingly to gether
and the Cruel God of Nature shakes the
City down murders the people and then
behold the people bringing and loving and
enjoying themselves and he sends a flood &
drowns and is not your God of Nature as
bad as the God of the Bible &c &c he
crowding in Spirit now writes
Let us patiently hear what he has to say and
then will our friends be prepared to give the
truth as far as they realize it we must have
patience in the for that will be found the most
ready way to accomplish the changes that must
be brought about before man progress as he
should and must before his chains will pull
and he has the mentality free and then his progress
will ^be^ accelerated [sic] impediments will be removed
out of the way the advantages would be greater
than is in my power to portray _ _
Now W L Garrison has arisen the other having
spoken his 40 minutes - Many now standing even
women - I have been listening to Garrison, who is still
Speaking but I will send this to the office, Thy Isaac

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