Willis, Sarah L Kirby Hallowell. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Sarah L Kirby Hallowell Willis to Amy Kirby Post, February 20, 1838.


February 20, 1838

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[This letter, transcribed as #504 and written by Sarah (Kirby) Hallowell Willis, appears on the third side of a 4-page sheet with the first and second pages transcribed as #503 written by Mary R. Kirby, Amy’s mother.]

(Page 1)

                                      Kirby Hall second month 22
Dear Sister

                   Mother has left this side for me to fill
but I do not fell [sic] as if I had much to say except that
Willet Matilda and myself have just returned from Cow Neck
(or Manhassett [sic] as it is now) called) where we had a verry [sic] plea-
-sant visit particularly a[t] cousin Henrys        We found only
Adam and Mary at home when we got there but Henry
Temperance and Benjamine [sic] soon came having left Elizabet^h^
with her uncle Silas Hicks at Flushing.           I was a little
disappointed but it did not destroy the pleasure of my
visit they showed us many interesting works among which
were Sarah Grimke s letters on womans rights probably you
have seen them but cousin Henry kept handing me so many
different books that I could not read even the whole of one
letter. We staid [sic] with them the night dined at cousin
Sammys called that afternoon at William Robbins found
little Furman sick with the Scarlet feaver [sic] so that we
[went] came on to Edwards and spent the evening [obliterated]
came home all I believe highly pleased with our visit
particularly Matilda who admired her new [relatives?]
verry[sic] much.     At Edward Robbins’s we heard John Plummers
daughter Abagail [sic] was married about a week ago to a man
by name Jarvice Powell by a magistrate    Adam Amaigh
and Ann Seaman did not send their proposals this month
as expected have not heard any reason  Arden had not
returned when we heard last. We had no accounts from
Bethpeg [sic] ^and Jerusalem^ preparative meeting not one woman here and only
two men it was a stormy day there had been good sleigh
ing almost a week.  a great time a riding so that it is worn
out on the turnpike but good in the slay path.

          Edwards and Rachels little Silas is a fine little fellow
grows fast and is verry [sic] good

(Page 2)

[Address in center of page, written upward]

Jericho NY                     18¾
feb 23         

          Amy Post
                   Monroe County

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