Dugdale, Ruth. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Ruth Dugdale to Isaac Post, April 25, 1852.


April 25, 1852

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                          Marlboro 4 Mo 25th 1852 _
      Among our most pleasant recollections is the time we
have spent with you in your agreeable and hospitable home
we often think and speak of you and cherish a hope that now
we are located in Penna we may have the pleasure of seeing
you with us and we shall be very glad to do what we can
to render a visit agreeable _ think of it the distance is not
great from New York city here When you visit annually. if
I remember. Did I ever tell thee Amy dear what a delight
ful visit we had with thy dear parents when on the Island?
I feel particular interest in mingling with aged persons who evince
such sweetness of spirit, such greenness in old age. I feel I gain
by the intercourse With such and we should love to be remem
bered to them if they still linger in this of being.
       A Women’s Convention is to be held in West Chester, Pa
the 2 and 3 of 6 Mo next. do dear friends arrange matters so as
to be here and attend it. (we are only 8 miles from the place
we hope it will be a season of refreshing interest and prove
benefical [sic] to the cause _ I am glad to see women of Western
N. York to manifesting so much ^interest^ in the Temperance cause
it is cheering to see her energies enlisted in the effort to rid
humanity of such a terrible curse _ My dear Joseph is now
and has been from home for some days in Lancaster Co. engaged
in disposing of his Beehive territory. which sells well. last
night a letter came to us from our friends in Green Plain Ohio
to ask us to introduce to you the notice of some benevolent

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persons in Rochester, the case of a poor afflicted young girl whom
we know, who with her mother is about to enter the Water Cure
in your city. the daughter had been sevral [sic] years disabled from
walking and her limbs distorted (thro injudicious medical treat
ment) she has been induced to go there because of a remarkable
cure that was performed on a neighbor of theirs who was very
much helped by going there last spring _ The one from G. Plain ^Fork Lake^ is in
very indigent circumstances, and her expenses are paid ^by^ a few
who know her worth and patient suffering. she requires the aid
of her Mother to perform her journey. being unable to dress or un
dress herself, the application has been to the Institution for her, ^the mother^
to be admited [sic], but they decline; now what has been suggested
to us in, that she is ^being^ a very tidy, notable housewife, and one of
very reliable character, honest and industrious, she would be
glad to get a situation in the city with a family, when she
cd be near her daughter, so that she might sometimes see
her. from my knowledge of her capabilities she would be
a very careful and valuable inmate in a family, and be
able to pay her way while it is needful for her daughter [sic] stay
I soon thought of you, as being among the most likely to feel
an interest, in striving to procure a situation for the mother who
will feel deeply the need of friends, and sympathy when she
arrives among strangers, and so far from home. I know there
are so many demands on your time, but possibly you may
find leisure to do an act of such Christian kindness as will
be in accordance with your benevolent feelings. if you need
help your selves, Elisabeth Lake, wd be a desirable person _
I thought since I took the pain of our dear fds Elias and Rhoda

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DeGarmo, to whom please show this they too, love to do good and
mingle their sympatheis [sic] with the afflicted, if you can any or all
of you lend any aid, you will be amply repaid by the incomes
of peace _ in carrying out the Christian precepts _
kindness and sympathy paternal feeling extended to us by your
loved ones ,, when it came like healing balm to a wounded heart
Heaven bless you all for these and other kindred acts to the call.
     I have stolen a few moments from company to write this as I wish
to dispatch it to the office today, and reply to our Green Plain fds –
too- Please say to our loved fds E and R. DeGarmo how glad
we would be to see them here and at any time may be they can
come to the Convention. Oh how glad we would be to greet them
with a cordial welcome to heart and home. Oh how my
spirit yearns towards them, and you to see you face to face.
How progresses Spiritualism with you? We feel intersted [sic] in the
investigation hoping and ardently desiring to arrive at the truth
Let us hear from you if you can find leisure and inclination
to do so. We have had a very severly [sic] cold winter a late
backward spring. but now the weather seems settled and
pleasant. the grass is springing. and the beautiful flowers peeping
forth. speaking to the soul of man, in their beauty and fragrance of
the beneficence and goodness of the All Bountiful.
     Poor Douglass. do you not feel sad at his Erratic course?
            Fair well my dear friends, in that love which time or
distance cannot diminish     Affectionately your fd
                                                                     Ruth Dugdale
our P.O. address Marlboro Chester Co. Pa –

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Having known Elisabeth Lake for a number of
years I can fully testify to her honesty and good
principles and also capabilities and tidy habits about
household affairs, she is now an elderly woman but
has a good constitution and accustomed to labor.
                                                         Mary R Dugdale
 The above testimonial is from our sister inlaw, who resides
in Ohio (now with us), who has employed Elizabeth Lake
as also her father’s family have also done – R D –
^P.S.^ I presume the persons alluded to will probably be in
the city in a few days or weeks (at farthest) and may
call on Isaac whose address I will send hopeing [sic] he may
secure a place for the mother at his earliest convenience _

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