Blackwell, Antoinette Louisa Brown. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Antoinette Louisa Brown Blackwell to Amy Kirby Post, September 3, 1851.


September 3, 1851

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                                       Henrietta Sept 3d ’51
My Dear Mrs. Post and Mrs. Bush
                                                       When I was in
Rochester the matter in regard to my lecturing
was left undecided and I told Mrs. Bush
I should be in the city again in a week
or too [sic] My business did not call me there,
and as I am now much occupied in
preparing a course of lectures I can save
time by dropping you a line.
       Mrs [Cou?] told me your Convention would
be postponed until Spring, and since this
is so would it not be best to defer my
lectures until after the Fair, and then
perhaps give a course of three or four. It
will then be more in the season for lectures.
     A lecture sometime this week was spoken
of. I am ready if it is thought best, but
should think perhaps it would be well to
have it deferred.
     They give five reports of the prospect
for the Worcester Convention. they have

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already recieved [sic] some letters from abroad, one “a
grand one” from Harriet Martineau and they are
expecting many speakers and an overflowing
attendance. Mrs. Davis, and Miss Stowe, are both
going out to stir up the people before hand.
         I have concluded to devote my [illegible] time for
this winter principally to the cause of Woman – am
preparing a long course of lectures to be ready for
any emergency.   As the matter of my speaking in
your city was left so indefinite I thought I ought
either to see or write you. Would not the second week
after the fair be the least time for the lectures if I
should speak there. I shall be in R. at the fair and
will see you then.  Will one of you, ladies, please
drop me a line if you have any thing to communi –
                            Yours Affectionately
                                              Antoinette L. Brown.

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