Post, Amy Kirby. Letter to Powell Aaron M.


Handwritten letter from Amy Kirby Post to Powell Aaron M, n.d. Amy writes about a recent meeting featuring antislavery speakers and notes the absence of serious consideration of women's rights, and she discusses her regret that the Anti Slavery Standard will move from monthly to weekly publication.


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My Dear Friend
             A. M. Powell
                                Thee will not know
unless I tell thee, that it was the
longing desire of my mind to meet
with you all at the Commemorative
Meeting, but as it did not seem prac
tical, I stayed at home, and waited,
a hurry, for the A. S. Standards
report of it.  which I have now
eagerly read & considered, I ^mainly^ approved,
until I came to the asounding  an-
nouncement that the Standard
henceforth was only to be issued
Monthly,            The idea of not hearing
from Aaron M. Powell & Wendal [sic] Phillips
only once a month, is perfectly shocking
& not to see the Standard entering our
door, but once a month, fell upon my
living & earnest soul, like the a death knel [sic]

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of a dear [sic], and ever welcom [sic] friend
who had long ministered to our
growth - widened our friendships –
instigated our good works, and
kept the chance bright, that has found
the coworkers so pleasantly Together.
that I feel as if we can hardly be
kept alive without it.       We take
many other periodical papers & dailys [sic]
monthlys [sic] & weeklys [sic], but they were
allways [sic] laid aside when the A S. Stan
dard came & that, was first among
them all, a monthly can never
fill its place, it seems to me, and I
hope thee & Mr Phillips, will contrive
some way to let us hear from you every
week, and not go out of sight, like our
revered pioneer, I know I have no reason
to think of such a thing as being possible
excuse me for saying it. I remember thee
spoke of a proposition having been made
to organize a Reform League, something
may come out of that, that will supply

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this great vacancy, which I feel so
much.            In reading the proceedings
of the commemorative meeting I was
supprized [sic] that all your speakers should
touch the Woman question so gingerly,
when so many of the speakers, so well
understand the fearful danger of the
procrastination of that theme.
It was the only Thing that made
me feel that we could possibly
spare the organization,
         How shall we get our Waterloo
Meeting advertised without the Stand.
I have to day recieved [sic] a letter from
P Dean saying that the it will be
held on the 3rd 4th and 5th of June
I hope thyself & Anna will not fail to
be there,  before that _ I hope My husba
nd and I will meet you at the
American Womens Sufferage [sic] Anniver

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