In the Classroom

UR faculty and students are invited to contact the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, if they're interested in becoming involved with the Post Family Digitization Project.

Spiritualism in America, Fall 2011
Professor Margarita Guillory (REL 239)

Students in Professor Guillory’s class transcribed and analyzed thirteen letters from the Post Family Papers related to Spiritualism. This religion got its start in Hydesville, New York with the infamous "rappings" that Margaret and Catherine Fox heard through the floorboards. Isaac and Amy Post were two of the first followers of this new practice. They, and soon others, believed that through mediums like the Fox sisters, they could communicate with the dead.

Graduate Student Seminar, Fall 2011
Professor Michael Jarvis (HIS 333)

Students in Professor Jarvis's class explored opportunities in museum and archival studies as alternative career paths to becoming History professors through a transcription assignment using the Post Family Papers. By participating in a digitization project, students practiced historical research, while developing a skill set that could launch them into the field of Public History.